The Northstar SDK is AI middleware that provides high performance pathfinding and movement solution for products that use intelligent agents. The SDK is designed to be able to handle a large number of intelligent agents in expansive and dynamic environments, and provide a foundation for complex behaviors.

Licensing Northstar SDK has all advantages of using a proven middleware solution:

  • Lower Development Cost

    The cost of licensing Northstar SDK is only a fraction of what would it cost to develop a similar solution with in-house resources.

  • Shorter Development Cycle

    The Northstar SDK is thoroughly tested and available immediately. By licensing it, design, implementation and testing of many AI tasks can be removed from the project schedule.

  • Reduced Development Risk

    Why take a risk that in-house solution will be ready on time and on budget when a reliable, cost efficient solution is available now.

  • Faster Results

    With addition of the Northstar SDK an early version of the graphical front end can quickly turn into an early version of the working product.

  • Better End Product

    By licensing pathfinding and movement solution, the in-house AI developers can focus on implementing product-specific AI features which will help distinguish the product from the competition.