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Northstar Demo

The Northstar demo from Xtreme Strategy Games demonstrates the capabilities of the Northstar SDK in a variety of settings. The demo also allows users to edit the included customizable scenario and experiment with pathfinding as well as the large scale collision detection system. This is a convenient way to evaluate the capabilities of the Northstar SDK.

Screen Shots*
demo screen shot 1 demo screen shot 2 demo screen shot 3
The scenario that shows Northstar's movement interpolation performance. Over 1500 agents are moved across the large map at high speeds. A demonstration of large scale collision handling. In this scenario Northstar handles over 2000 colliding agents moving in different directions. Showcasing Northstar's ability to handle movement bottlenecks. Narrow canyons are densely populated with moving agents which still manage to find a way around each other.
Download the Demo

The Demo consists of the NorthstarDemo.exe executable file and various supporting data files which are copied to the Program directory along with files necessary for the uninstall: This is a very simple install and only the minimum changes necessary to add the program to the Start menu are made. No DLLs are copied into the system directory.

*Screenshots with benchmarks were captured on a computer with the following specifications: PentiumŪ 4 Processor at 3.0GHz with 800MHz front side bus, 2GB 400MHz DDR SDRAM